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Traditional Scroll Sign Bracket £88.00

This timeless hanging sign bracket accepts signs

500 mm  to 700 mm wide. Eyelets 400mm apart,

Eyelets 400 mm apart. Overall size 750mm x 350mm.

The wall plates are 80mm wide for optimum lateral rigidity.

Master 610 Wall Sign Bracket £79.00

A contemporary sign bracket, practical and with clean lines

For signs 500mm to 700mm wide.

Overall size 750mm x 350mm. Eyelets 400mm apart.

The wall plate is 80mm wide and drilled with 4 fixing holes.

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Master 915 Swinging Sign Bracket £99.00

A modern sign bracket for big hanging signs 600mm  to 1065mm wide. Overall size 1100mm x 450mm. The eyelets are spaced 560mm apart. The wall plate is 100mm wide for security in high winds.

For LED illumination see the “LIGHTING” page.

Big Traditional Scroll sign bracket £109.00

This is a seriously robust bracket, designed to accept signs up to 1m wide. It has with a wall plate 100mm wide for maximum rigidity, ready drilled with 4 fixing holes.

Overall size 1100mm x 450mm  Eyelets 550mm


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The Sacco Martin sign is supported by a Master 610 bracket. The sign has an aluminium frame that has been painted white. Note the 4 fixing points on the wall plate - this building is made of Bath Stone, a soft limestone, so 4 bolts are required to give a secure fix.

The Foot Balance sign is wooden, and is hanging from a Big Traditional Scroll sign bracket designed to suit projecting signs up to 1 metre wide. Note the 100mm wide wall plate which keeps the sign rigid in strong winds.

The Clifton Stone sign is made from a composite aluminium sheet. The supporting sign bracket is our Traditional Scroll type, and it was specially adapted to allow for the wall at the top protruding further than at the bottom.

We offer a professional sign design service for all types of suspended signage and include a free scale drawing for your approval.

You can see the Heavy Duty Brackets on the next page - click HERE

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“D” Shackles  £5.00

Priced per pair, steel “D” shackles to secure your sign to the wall bracket.

Black chain links  £5.00

Priced per pair, black chain links to secure your sign to the wall bracket.

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